Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Surprise!

First of all, thank you all for the comments on the double band! I'm still not sure what I want to do, but I'll let you know once I decide! The weekends go by too fast, don't they? This past weekend the nursing girls and I were supposed to walk in the MS Walk on Saturday morning. But I'm sure everyone saw/experienced the nasty weather we had here Friday night and into Saturday so the walk was canceled but they hosted a cook-out Friday evening instead! David was planning to come up for the walk so he came anyway Friday night and we met everyone at the cook out. We didn't stay long and all decided to go to dinner at San Antonio's. It's a new restaurant, kind of Texas meets Mexico but not quite Tex-Mex... it was pretty good!

Saturday, David and I got up and headed down to Greenville to meet his parents for dinner at none other than my favorite place: NAMI!! Oh my Lord it was delicious. I tried out my new hair style again:

And here is a picture of us on the way down:

Lighting was terrible...major fail, ha!

It was nice to catch up with my future in-laws over sushi and wine! I didn't get any pictures of the group, though.

David and I really enjoyed getting to spend some time together, too. We did have a little excitement this weekend! David took Marley out to potty and quickly called me to come outside. I ran out to Marley standing near a pile of grass and fur right below our deck. He was just standing there sniffing at it and looking up at me and David like, "Well? What is it?" While we were standing there, the pile of grass moved. We were so surprised so David started moving the grass out of the way and low and behold: there was a nest of baby bunnies!! Just in time for Easter :)

Aren't they so cute?! David just mowed the yard on Wednesday so we figured they had to be less than 4 days old. We did some research to make sure they weren't abandoned and didn't need us to call wildlife rescue. We decided they were okay, and a good thing, too! Sunday night, David called me to let me know Momma bunny was at the nest caring for her babies:)

So far, Momma bunny visits once a day, at night (to make sure predators can't see where her babies are) and David checks on them twice a day to make sure Momma is really doing her job. He said they are a tiny bit bigger and kicking around a lot more. So precious :) I took a video of our little Easter bunnies; the sound is just static and the babies weren't making any noise, but they were wiggling all around!

I hope everyone has enjoyed our Easter surprise like we have! Oh, and just so everyone knows, Marley was a very good boy. He found the nest, sniffed at it and then just looked at us. He didn't try to dig into it or anything. It's like he knew there were babies in there :) (And he usually loves to chase booger bunnies out of the yard!) So we were very proud of our sweet boy!


Meghan said...

Your hair is so pretty:) And I love the double-band! I originally had one wedding band and for our one-year anniversary, my hubby bought me a second and I LOVE it!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness! They're so cute! And that is definitely the perfect Easter surprise! : )

aimymichelle said...

oh how adorable