Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where oh Where...

...have I been?! I guess you all can tell nursing school is back in full force because I went from blogging pretty much every day to not so much...ever. It's so unfortunate that school takes up so much of my time but I do get on here and read up on what you all have been up to! Sometimes if I have time I even leave a few messages haha!

Honestly though, you guys have not missed much of anything in my life! Let's see, I've read some chapters in my nursing books, finished one assignment for a class, gone to 2 tutoring sessions and no one showed up (yay for getting paid to do nothing!!) and that about sums it up :)

OH! I finally got my dress for the wedding! I got phone calls from about 5 different people and 2 dresses actually showed up at my house! (One of which, I shudder to even think about...picks ALL over it and a stain!) But the other dress is perfect so I quickly hung it up in my winter closet where it absolutely cannot get dirty or picked. But I'm glad that fiasco is finally over with :)

I, somehow, have found a little time to make a few more pillowcases (are y'all bored of those yet? ha!) and I'm also in the middle of knitting a baby hat, so we'll see how that actually turns out ;)

Are you all planning to watch the CMA's tonight?! This post has been really random and I'm so sorry! My brain is still trying to transition back to nursing school mode, but hopefully I'll have some great posts for you soon. I mean, Clemson football starts up this weekend so how can there not be a good post about this upcoming weekend?!! :) Also, if you all have a minute, go check out Heather's blog. She's my newest blog friend and she's cute as a button! Can't wait to get to know you, Heather!

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Sarah Robbins said...

So, so, so glad things worked out with your dress! Make sure to take lots of pictures.

Hang in there with getting back into the swing of school. This, too, shall pass. . .