Monday, September 6, 2010


Remember that big post I promised all about this past weekend and how much fun it was going to be? And all the pictures I was going to take?

Well, that's not this post. I have so many fabulous pictures from this weekend (which was awesome by the way!) but I left my camera at the lake. I have no idea (maybe a little bit of an idea....) how that happened?? It's not like we went out on the boat or anything and I left my camera sitting on the table when we came back's not like I didn't put it back where it belongs like I should have...

Anyway, the long-awaited post that I know you all are just dying to read is going to be postponed until I have all the pictures! It just wouldn't be the same--I even have a couple videos to share with you :) David's grandfather now has my camera at his house and David's going to go get it some time this week and I'm going to meet him half way later to get it.

I'm a little down tonight. I don't want to go into details because who wants to be bored with the negative things in life, right? :) But sometimes life just does not go like you want it to and there's definitely things going on in life right now that aren't how I'd like them to be. I know God's plan is the plan my life will follow, but every once in a while I'd love it if He would give me a little glimpse into the future so I could stop worrying so much about it! But I guess that's the point, right? To trust Him...and surely His plan is a thousand times better than any plan I could come up with for my life. :)

Anyway, what was your favorite part of this weekend? Leave me a comment, it would definitely cheer me up to hear about all the fun you all had this weekend! :) Oh, and happy 4 day week!

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