Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The One with the Request!

Well I've had a request for an update. Okay, so the request was from my mom, but was a request, ha! Things have been so busy lately! I guess for starters, I ended up with a 98 on my second test- YEAH!!! I was stoked about that. Over the last few weeks, I've done a ton of work, started clinicals, and been to a Clemson football game. got rained out...again:) Ha!

School keeps me really busy. I go from about 9:00 am- 4:00 pm most every day. Except on Thursdays which are clincial days and I've got to be there around 7am! Then I come home and work out for about an hour, eat dinner, and then get back in the books. I read and study until time for bed which is sometime around 11pm. So as you can clearly see, I have limited time to write blogs! :) I've got a few tests coming up next weekend and a HUGE paper due on Oct. 14th that I'm going to try to start on this weekend. We'll see how that goes ;)

Clinicals started last Thursday, but we had no patient contact, although we were assigned patients. Tomorrow will be our first time having contact with people and I'm so nervous! I'm scared I'm going to do something wrong- so keep your fingers crossed for me!

That's really all I have to post about tonight! (Unless you guys want to hear about the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis or how to calculate medications??! No takers huh? Ha.) I'll post some pictures for your viewing pleasure of the last few days:)

*When Marley doesn't get what he wants, he gets as high up as he can!* (and yes..he did end up with that last bite of pizza!)

*David and I were on our way to dinner with my grandparents! It was the first pretty day in a while so I made him take some pictures:) *

Okay! It's time for bed, night y'all!! :)


Sarah Robbins said...

Yeah for the update! Some seasons in life are busier than others; you just have to take them as they come. :) Glad your test went well and that you are hanging in there!

Katie said...

cute pictures! Congrats on the good test score! And I'm glad you posted, I've been missing you!