Monday, September 21, 2009

The One with the Love:)

Hello friends!

Well, Clemson won on Saturday (yeah!) but it started storming in the 3rd quarter so we packed up and headed home. We had fun while it lasted though! Here is a picture of us in our ponchos!

I got a few more pictures of this weekend, but none of them were very good ha!

Today we had my grandparents and aunt and uncle down for dinner! It was my grandmother's birthday dinner so I cooked maple-ginger chicken with couscous, sauteed veggies, and salad! It was really good and everyone seemed to enjoy it! She opened presents and we all had dessert (cake and ice cream of course!). I just really love my family. They are some of the best people and I am just so blessed to have them in my life!

It has been a great evening, and even better is that I did a lot of nursing work yesterday so I didn't have to do any today! But when I got home this afternoon, I went ahead and got the rest of my work done for the week, so now I have nothing to do but study! :) Such a relief!

I hope everyone has had a great day!


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Katie said...

way to be an over achiever and get all of your stuff done :) Have a great week!