Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The One Where it's Just Wednesday.

After getting to sleep in Monday and Tuesday and having to get up early again today, it has felt like the longest day!  Needless to say, I fixed a big cup of coffee to take to school with me this morning:)  The day started off with anatomy and learning about the immune system.  The immune system is quite an exciting/confusing body system to study haha!  It's full of killer cells and antibodies and B cells and all sorts of things.  Next was microbiology and let me tell you- I am going to be very, very careful about what I eat from now on!  We are learning all about food poisoning and food infections.  (Yes, there is a difference!  Food poisoning arises from the toxins of bacteria, but the bacteria do not have to be present!  For you to have a food infection, you must have the bacteria present.  Salmonella is a type of food infection, as is E. coli.) 
If microbiology lecture wasn't enough today, I had micro lab this evening!  We are finishing up our unknown bacteria.  We were each assigned a gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and we had to, through a multitude of tests, figure out what bacteria we were assigned.  It's actually been a neat experience because it's all finally coming together and we actually know what we are doing and talking about!  Tonight I have just been studying for my psych test tomorrow, but American Idol is on so the information has basically been going in one ear and out the other....woops! :)  This post is short, but I have to get back to studying...or trying to!  Hope you all are doing wonderful tonight!  Warm weather is approaching... I can't wait!

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