Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Learning Curve...

Hi all!

I know it's been a while since I've posted, but life is so busy right now! Wedding planning, moving, and starting a new job have just taken over.

This is what the majority of our house looks like:

And this is what it will all look like, little by little:

Man, I just love a clean kitchen :)

This past weekend, David and I went to the lake to spend some time with his family. Scott wanted to come too, so he drove down from Raleigh! It was a packed house! David's parents were there, Pop and Valeria, me, David, and Scott, and Uncle Evan and Aunt Delane. David's parents brought their dog Georgia and cat Blackberry and we brought our cat Jovie. (Marley hates the lake, so I left him with my mom, but I have SO missed him this week :( I get him back on Friday though!) Oh, and to top it off, David's cousin Andrew and his girlfriend Katye spent all day Saturday with us! I didn't get any good pictures, but the guys thought it would be fun to swim across the cove to another dock thinking it would be quite easy for them all. Boy were they wrong :) They huffed and puffed all the way there-- and back!

I started hospital orientation on Monday and these have really seemed like the I have really gotten used to sleeping in, haha! Today started a week of nursing orientation and we had to clock in this morning. Well...this girl forgot to clock out. Yes, I am that person! The very first day and I forgot to clock out. I realized half way home and it was too late to turn around and go back so I'll have to fill out a form's going to be a learning curve, haha! Hopefully it will be okay since it was the first day and all...

But, on Monday, I had David take a "first day of work" picture of me :) My mom always took "first day of school" pictures so I thought I'd add one to her collection.

Tomorrow is the first day we can wear scrubs since we have our badges now, so I will be all over that! I got Grey's Anatomy scrubs and are they comfortable! I'll never be able to wear anything else ever again. I did order some pediatric tops today so they should be in in about a month. Hopefully they are as cute in person as they are in the pictures! No fear, I'll probably have a picture of my "first day in scrubs" too ;)

I start on the NICU unit next Wednesday and I'm so excited. This has been my dream since my sophomore year of high school and now I am actually getting to live it! I just hope I get to live it with air conditioning...

Unfortunately, our A/C has been acting up. It's about 500 degrees here and our air won't seem to cool past about 80 during the day. They've been to fix it about 3 times now and supposedly "fixed" it, but I'm thinking not. David is going to Germany for a few weeks and I just know that thing is going to poop out on me while he's gone! How in the world do you fix an A/C unit??!

Anyway, I feel kind of ridiculous about not clocking out so I'm going to go lift my spirits with a little Pinterest searching. Love that thing. :)

Happy Wednesday!


Laura Darling said...

The other day at my office my computer prompted me to change my password, like it does every 6 weeks. So I changed it and then that afternoon when I got back from lunch, I couldn't remember it. I was SO embarrassed. I had to go to the IT department and tell the guy there what I did. Ha! Things like that happen to all of us!

And I totally took a "first day of work" picture too!

T.K. said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on right now! But all good things! Congrats on starting a new job!

Meghan said...

Congrats on the new job! Your outfit is perfect!