Monday, July 25, 2011

Bridal Shower!

Saturday, my MOH Jess hosted a bridal shower for me at my grandparent's house! A lot of my really good friends were able to come and the few who couldn't were really missed! David and I got a lot of wonderful things and we are so blessed to have the support from our family and friends!

(On a side note: I don't want to forget this. I had my first week in the NICU and didn't tell them my shower was on Saturday. I didn't think they would make me work my very first weekend...well I was wrong! They had me scheduled to work I had to tell them about my party! They were so kind to let me off, but oh my gosh I felt so bad!)

Here are some pictures from the party :)

I love my girls! :)

My sweet cousin Amy. She wrote me a note that made me cry...she's more like a sister though :)
The pretty set up...minus the food!

Jess' beautiful flowers and the party favors I made! I love all of the bright colors!

This picture cracks me up. I got a purple girl toolbox and a bunch of tools! The look on my face in this picture makes it seem like I'm thinking, "what in the world do I do with these tools??!"

Lauren and Vanessa :) Love these girls!

I know I already have a picture of these pretty girls in this post, but this is my ALL-TIME favorite photo from the party. I can't believe my babies are all grown up and beautiful!

The guests played a few games and there were winners and prizes! I hope everyone had just as much fun as I did :) Thank you to everyone for making it such a special day!


Ashley said...

Erin, you looked BEAUTIFUL!! Oh my word, that dress is the perfect color on you! I am SOOOOO SAD I had to miss your shower! :( Please, please, PLEASE invite me to another one! And I need your address to send your gift! Hope to see you soon!

Michelle said...

Aww it looks like you had a great time & got a lot of great stuff!! I'm so sorry I couldn't make it :( We were in Michigan at a work party for Brandon's company. But don't worry, I have the wedding date saved and won't be missing that!! :) It's getting so close!

aimymichelle said...

that is great that they let you off for your shower. that dress you have on is really cute!

Ashley said...

How fun! Love your dress too!