Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I was up at 5:45 am this morning. And it's spring break. Ughhh. For the life of me I could. not. sleep. So I ended up getting up and making a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast :) (And then I did go back to sleep, kind of).

Anyway, it is spring break and I'm enjoying my time with my future little family! Saturday we went to Nami and it was just as delicious as I always remember it being. And Sunday was just a very productive day. We majorly cleaned the downstairs of our house, took little Marley on a walk around the neighborhood (my little man loves walks!), went to the gym, and I made lasagna for dinner on Monday.

Unfortunately, David has to work this week so during the day I'm pretty much on my own. And even though it's spring's not really a break :) I still have a long list of nursing to-do's--but I get to do them on my time as opposed to the school's time, ha! Oh well, I'm enjoying my sleeping in and there is only about 6 weeks left! Praise the Lord for that! I think I'm about to go crazy--a really unfortunate side affect of nursing school :)

And aside from all of my nursing work, I'm playing with my new toy that my wonderful fiance got me for my birthday: A NOOK! I couldn't believe it! I think I may be marrying the best man in the entire world, y'all :) I've already finished one book and I'm about to download a few more!

But first, I have to run a few errands-- tonight's menu is Lemon-pepper crusted salmon on a bed of couscous and asparagus. Yummm! (And I may or may not stop by Target and walk around for an hour...probably my favorite store ever!)

Sorry things are so boring around here lately, but I hope everyone has a great day :)

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