Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to School

I thought I would update more over break, but...I didn't. I thoroughly enjoyed waking up late, going to the gym, and reading my Nook. I have and update all ready about the last week, but the video and pictures aren't uploaded to my computer yet. So I guess that will come at some point this year :)

Now that I'm back to school, I've been bombarded with nursing work. I was making fun of myself last night because I have a Neuro test next week and I was procrastinating studying for it by working on other nursing work! How sad is that?! Ha!

Anyway, I got my Save the Dates in the mail yesterday! They are SO CUTE. I can't wait to show them to everyone!! We should be sending them out soon so as soon as they are out, I'll post it on here for all of the blog world to see! Tonight, mom and I went to my florists house to finalize some things. I am so excited about my bouquet. Because we are getting married in September, everything will be blooming then! So my bouquet is going to be extremely colorful!

As the day gets closer (6 months from TODAY, actually!), I find myself getting more and more excited. I can't believe this is happening and I'm trying to enjoy every moment of it. I know it will be over before I blink :)

This weekend, I am going with my grandmother to a place called Pewter Rose for brunch. We are thinking that this will be the place for my bridal luncheon, so we want to go taste the food. I'm all for that! And then...the most fun of all-- David and I are registering!! I'm a girl and I am definitely looking forward to that! (I think David is looking forward to it, but you know how guys are ;) )

Anyway, I have an exam next Thursday, but I'm hoping to update my blog more after that test is done. I won't have any more exams until finals roll around so hopefully I'll have more time to blog!

I hope everyone has a great weekend though!


Meghan said...

Best of luck with your exam! I cannot wait to see the save-the-dates!

Meghan said...

YAY for Save the Dates! So glad you enjoyed your break!