Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Story!

I gave exciting news and then just disappeared! But I've got the story :)

I went to Greenville this past weekend and on Saturday David and I got up and decided to have a day just the two of us. We went to Cracker Barrel (in hopes of some Apple Streusel French toast, but alas, they didn't have any!) for breakfast. I did, however, get a very cute Clemson nutcracker! We decided to head to the mall for the day and had a ball just spending time together. David bought some new shoes and I bought a really cute vest from Banana Republic! And we also went to Target--which I loved because I love Target! We stocked up on candy for Halloween the next day :)

After our awesome day, David suggested we go to dinner at P.F. Chang's to finish off the great day we had. How could I turn that down? I love P.F. Chang's and I love him so off we went! We had a great conversation about everything we had enjoyed about the last four years and just had a really wonderful time with each other. I do not have a picture yet of the next part of this story but I promise it is true! (And I saved it, so I'll have a picture eventually!)

We got ready to go and got our fortune cookies. I opened mine and this is what it said, "There is a chance of a romantic encounter soon." I thought it was pretty cool and I showed David. He laughed too and we got up to go. I slipped it in my purse just for keeps--you know, sometimes you just have to keep those things :)

Up until this point, David had not acted strange at all! He was so cool and calm all day, I had NO IDEA this was coming. When we got home, David had me close my eyes and walked me to the back porch. When he told me to open my eyes, he was standing right in front of me and he was all I could see. He was acting kind of nervous but I just blew it off. He asked me how I enjoyed today and I told him I absolutely loved it (which I did! I never get to spend so much time with him!) and said, "I did too! I'm glad you enjoyed it." To which I replied, "yeah...why are we standing in the cold??" :) About that time, David hit his knee and this is what I saw behind him:

I was so surprised! David said something that for the life of me I can't remember because I was excited and surprised! He had the ring out and I said "yes!" about a hundred times and asked him if he was sure! He said, " I didn't think you would try to talk me out of it!" :) It took me a minute to actually understand it was all happening, but then I started crying and jumping around like a fool in love!

David's Aunt Sherri wanted us to come see her at a Halloween party she was at so we headed over there and on our way, saw a shooting star!! Which may mean nothing but one of the very first times David and I ever went out, he took me to his family's lake house at night and we laid out on the dock and saw a shooting star! To me, the shooting star that night just solidified everything--David and I were meant to be together :)

On halloween, we had David's friends Casey and Brian over to make pizza and watch tv while the trick-or-treaters came over. We set the pumpkins out front and everyone who came by wanted to know my answer, so I had to show off my ring!

It was such a wonderful weekend and just in case you were wondering--Marley and Jovie had an absolute blast greeting trick-or-treaters at the door ;)

I hope you've had a fabulous week and have a wonderful weekend!


Ashley said...

Yay! What a great story! I'm so excited for you girlie!

Anonymous said...

Aw what a neat way to ask! Congrats!

Sarah Robbins said...

That is such a sweet story! I hope you all will be very, very happy. Marriage is the greatest!

d.a.r. said...

Oh I love it!! So sweet. And man, that ring is gorgeous!! Did he pick it out himself, or did you get to have any input (Sorry, I am SO nosy!)?

Rebecca Louise. said...

Your ring is just GORGEOUS! And I am so happy for the both of you!