Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's a List!

Well, it's Saturday night and my fiance (ahhh!) and I are curled up on the couch watching the Clemson game! I'm really not quite sure if we'll hold on to the lead haha! I love my tigers, but man, it has been a rough season. It's hard for me to watch my team make terrible plays so I decided to focus on updating on a list of course.

1. On Wednesday, my mom, aunt, and I went to the Southern Christmas show. It's a huge gathering of crafty people selling all of their things for the Christmas season. The whole place is decorated with lights and trees and Christmas music. It's a lot of fun! But this year, we made our way to the Verizon trailer and let me just say, those guys were some good salesmen! My mom ended up with a new phone, my aunt ended up with two new phones, and I ended up with a droid galaxy. Say what? Yeah. I don't know how to use it.

2. We watched the Georgia/ Auburn game today and y'all, I'm all for a great team winning, but I really think sportsmanship is lacking in athletics these days. There was no reason for those Auburn players to start throwing punches at the end of the game when they were WINNING. It shouldn't be acceptable even when you're losing, but when you're winning? Ridiculous. Having a great team is good, but I think sportsmanship says a lot about a team. (*Note: I'm not ragging on Auburn, I know every team at some point in time has their players who show bad behavior, and I don't agree with any of it! And I think it's great Auburn has done so well this year!! :) )

3. My MOH (I have a maid of honor!!) and her boyfriend came up to visit this weekend! I love them :)

4. This is going to be a good week! My class on Monday was canceled and my class Wednesday was canceled! Which means I have class on Tuesday and clinicals on Thursday! :) And thennn, Thanksgiving break starts for me! I've got a few more venues to look at Monday and Wednesday and hopefully I'll know by the end of the week where and when I'm getting married! I'm leaving Thursday for David's and will be with him until Tuesday or Wednesday for thanksgiving:)

5. Only 42 more days until Christmas!!

Have a great weekend :)

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Ashley said...

What venues are you looking at? Tell me your e-mail address somehow so that I can send you everything I have! I'm SO EXCITED for you!