Friday, June 4, 2010


I know I've been slacking lately, but I just find it so hard to come home and spend time on the computer when I only have 2 hours to play with my sweet puppy before I hit the hay! These 12 hour days back to back are killing me, I'm not used to them yet!! :) So I'm just going to give you the highlights of my week!

- I got my sweet puppy back from my mom:)
- I got to eat dinner with my momma!
- I sang "Amazing Grace", "Go Tell it On the Mountain", and "Onward Christian Soldiers" with a woman who has Alzheimer's.
- I got kicked by the same woman who I sang hymns with ha!
- I know what a complete heart block and a bundle branch block look like on EKG's now!

Tonight David and I are going to the Zac Brown Band concert with some of his work buddies! They are coming over in a few minutes to have a cookout (somehow, today is the only day this week that it hasn't rained here!!) and I am SO. EXCITED. for ZBB!!! I bought their c.d. for David a couple years ago and we just love them. They need to hurry up and put out another c.d.!!

I hope you guys have a great Friday night!!

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Shanna said...

The singing and kicking with the Alzheimer's pt is all too familiar for me. I did my first foley cath (in & out) on a lady like this....while she sang! Sounds like you're learning...we had to learn EKG rhythm our senior year so if you haven't already I'm sure you're getting a head start! Have fun at the concert!