Saturday, October 31, 2009

The One with Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

This weekend, Jessie and Jake came up and we all went to Scarowinds! We got there around 7:30 pm and rode about 4 rides before the park closed! (There were a LOT of people there!) They had really spooked up the place with lots of people dressed up in scary costumes that jumped out at you from everywhere!

There was a new ride there called the "Carolina Cobra" that takes you forward and then takes you backwards on the same loop. I DID NOT want to go on that ride! It didn't look fun to me at all and I was so nervous to go on it! But David, Jessie, and Jake dragged me on because they all wanted to go on it....and who am I to be the party pooper?! Well we went on it and God really has a sense of humor because we were FIRST IN LINE. So of course everyone in line is staring straight at me and I am like about to throw up on this ride! Not because I get motion sick, but because I was so nervous!! :)

Well I had the FUNNIEST look on my face when they snapped the picture so David bought it:) As soon as I get it scanned into the computer I'll post it on here and you guys can make as much fun of me as my friends did!! :)

This morning we got up and went to breakfast at this place called Eddie's. They have really good breakfast food! I got chocolate chip pancakes, but unfortunately I wasn't very impressed with them. I usually get the cibatta french toast and that's really really good! So I think I'll stick with that when I go next.

It's been overcast here all day, and finally about 6:oo pm it started raining. So needless to say, we haven't had many trick-or-treaters here tonight! :( I always like handing out candy and seeing the cute outfits that kids have! Oh well, maybe next year?

The guys watched football all day and Jessie and I worked on homework. I hope you all had a wonderful day! And if it's been nice weather where you are, I hope you've seen some very cute outfits for halloween:)

P.S.- The tigers won today! So in honor of their win, here is the pumpkin carving David and I did:)

*This is the pumpkin in the light!*

*And below is the pumpkin in the dark! Goooo Tigers!!!*


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Katie said...

holy cow! Talk about amazing pumpkin carving skills!!